Luxurious fan and air conditioned rooms

Private garden bathrooms

When visiting this remote area of the world it is important to experience as many aspects of the pristine oceanic beauty as possible, making a couple snorkeling adventures a must.

Restaurant, bar, lounge

When visiting this remote area of the world it is important to experience as many aspects of the pristine oceanic beauty as possible, making a couple snorkeling adventures a must.

Fresh water pool with stone deck

When visiting this remote area of the world it is important to experience as many aspects of the pristine oceanic beauty as possible, making a couple snorkeling adventures a must.


When visiting this remote area of the world it is important to experience as many aspects of the pristine oceanic beauty as possible, making a couple snorkeling adventures a must.

Games room with pool table, Ping Pong & Darts

Built by craftsmen from Java and Rote with locally quarried stone, exposed regional hardwoods and traditional Rotenese alang roofs the design and architecture of all facilities match the traditional feel of the region. The 4 large duplex bungalows are nicely appointed and each feature private and spacious outdoor bathrooms, porches and views of the pool, ocean and surf breaking on the outer reef.

The villas are duplex units; meaning each unit houses two rooms (each with private bathroom) that can be joined by interior door to accommodate families or groups of friends traveling together, or kept lock for privacy. Rooms can be set up as king or twin and by specific request children or triple occupancy may be accommodated.

Each room is cooled by two large ceiling fans as well as natural land or sea breezes flowing through the louvered windows. Each unit is furnished with bed-side tables, lamps, large free standing closet, seating and luggage stand.

At this point the units are not equipped with water heaters. Each unit has a large raised water tank feeding the shower and sink which is warmed by the sun, so we refer to the water temperature as "Island Temperature". Power is 240v with wall sockets standard Indonesian two prong round pin.

Both bath and beach towels are provided for your convenience and rooms are serviced daily.

360 View


Meal time at Nemberala Beach Resort, which seems to be just about all the time, is a highlight and something in which resort management and kitchen staff takes great pride. Over the years menus have been developed, re-developed and re-imagined to utilize the best of local and imported product to serve up a variety of Indonesian and Western dishes. All meals are included in the nightly package rates for both Surfers and Non Surfers. Nobody has ever complained about going hungry or losing weight while staying at Nemberala Beach Resort. Following is a rounddown of meal times with a small selection of dishes served.

Early Breakfast: - From first light to 8:00am

Coffee is ready just after first light and is served along heavy "continental" fair: fruit, toast, jam, peanut butter, fruit salad, yogurt, granola/muesli and juice.

Late Breakfast: 8:00 – 10:30am

Late breakfast does not generally wrap up until after all those who headed out for a morning surf return. Late breakfast includes everything in the early breakfast selection in addition to banana pancakes, eggs or omelet made to order, bacon, sausage or Indonesian noodle breakfast with egg on top or whatever else you may want to throw in the mix. It is made to order, so be creative. For those who like to eat light, or in addition to above, try a fruit smoothie

Lunch: 1:00-2:30pm

Hope you squeezed in an after breakfast activity to work up an appetite for lunch. Typically served buffet style lunch may include any selection of salad, burgers, rice dishes, sandwiches, chicken, fish or pasta. Fruit smoothies are available all day.

Sunset/Evening appetizers:

For those that make it back to the bar area from the surf or afternoon activity appetizers are served. This is a wonderful time to enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine or cocktail. Appetizer items include individual thin crust fired pizza, dumplings, chicken wings, calamari and more. The kitchen can get creative with appetizers

Dinner: Half hour after dark – 9:00pm

Dinner times change a bit over the course of the year based on sunset. People often surf until dark so we allow time for everybody to get back and shower off. Each dinner is started with fresh made soup and salad followed by a rotating selection of "themed" dishes. Steak night, Mexican night, Indonesian night, seafood night etc. There will generally be a selection available for vegitarians.

Dessert: After dinner

Hope you left a bit of room as this is definitely a highlight. Cakes and pastries are baked daily and include lemon tart, chocolate hazelnut tart, profiteroles, layer cake, zebra cake and/or just plain ol ice cream.

We are happy to take special requests for people with special dietary requirements including vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerant, pescaterians, no red meat, no vegetables or allergies please let us know in advance and we do our best to accommodate.

Rote Island


WIKIPEDIA: Rote Island (Indonesian: Pulau Rote, also spelled Roti) is an island of Indonesia, part of the East Nusa Tenggara province of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It has an area of 1,200 km2 (463 sq mi). It lies 500 km (311 mi) northeast of the Australian coast and 170 km (106 mi) northeast of the Ashmore and Cartier Islands. The island is situated to the southwest of the larger island of Timor. To the north is the Savu Sea, and to the south is the Timor Sea. To the west is Savu and Sumba. The uninhabited Ndana island, just south of Rote, with an area of 14 km2 (5 sq mi), is the southernmost island of Indonesia. Along with some other nearby small islands, such as Ndao island, it forms the kabupaten (regency) of Rote Ndao Regency, which in 2010 decennial census recorded a population of 119,711.

For most guests traveling to Nemberala Beach Resort this means a fair trek from home; but the travel is part of the experience and the remoteness is what makes it so special! Rote is the Southernmost inhabited island of Indonesia. Although hot and tropical, it is much more arid than the islands to the north such as Bali, Java and Sumatra. This dryer climate means very few bugs and the ability to cruise around and enjoy the area without being drenched in perspiration.

Travel to Rote begins in Bali. Most passengers will need to overnight in Bali given the various flight schedules, but many choose to add an additional night or two to experience the wonderful culture and vibrant atmosphere of Bali. From Bali is a short 75 minute flight to Kupang, W. Timor, the capital of Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara province, then onto Rote by flight or ferry.

Most Common Travel Option from Bali – Available Daily:

Scheduled Charter Flights

Bali / Kupang / Bali
Depart Bali Garuda 438 11:00am Arrive Kupang, W. Timor 12:50pm
Depart Kupang Wings Air1935 3:10pm Arrive Ba'a, Rote 3:40pm
Kupang / Ba,a Rote / Kupang
Depart Ba'a, Rote Wings Air 1936 4:05pm Arrive Kupang, W. Timor 4:35pm
Depart Kupang, W.Timor Garuda 443 6:00pm Arrive Bali 8:15pm

Note: Due to occasional changes in flight times between Bali and Timor as well as W.Timor and Rote it is often necessary to use the fast ferry between Islands. The fast ferry takes 2 hours and operates daily on the following schedule.

Fast Ferry

General ferry schedule:
Depart Kupang, W. Timor 8:00am Arrive Ba'a, Rote 10:00am
Depart Ba'a, Rote 11:00am Arrive Kupang, W.Timor 1:00pm

Due to the morning departure from Kupang guests traveling by ferry will need to overnight in Kupang prior to their stay at Nemberala Beach Resort. Upon returning to Kupang from Rote by ferry it may or may not be possible to connect with a flight from Kupang back to Bali. Late afternoon flights from Kupang back to Bali have proven to be unreliable, but may be an option. Your travel consultant will have the most up to date details when making your travel plans.

No matter if traveling by Charter Flight or Fast Ferry you will be met, assisted and transferred every step along the way by Nemberla Beach Resort staff in Kupang and upon arrival in Rote. Our ground staff will assist in transferring guests between flights or to hotels and onto the ferry to make certain you have an enjoyable and worry free experience.

Garuda Indonesia Airlines: Approximate cost $150 each way

Wings Air: Wings Air is a subsidiary of Lion Air. Wings Air flights can be booked via the Lion Air Website. Approximate cost $30 each way + $20 per surfboard, maximum 2 boards per bag.

Fast Ferry:

The Fast Ferry tickets cannot be purchased on-line. These tickets can be purchase upon arrival or arranged by Nemberala Beach Resort in advance or during your stay. First Class Cabin cost approximately $20 each way.

Resort Transfers: Ba'a, Rote – Nemberala Beach Resort

Local "Bemo's" are available for approximately Rp100,000 per person each way and take approximately 2 hours. Private Nemberala Beach Resort air conditioned van is available for Rp300,000 per person and takes approximately 1 hour. Notes will be made along with your booking confirmation you preferred method of travel.

Private Charter Flight: Kupang – Rote – Kupang

For groups wanting maximum convenience, a private charter flight can be organized for approximately $2,500 each direction. This flight can accommodate 8 passengers with surfboards and be coordinated to connect with any flights in/out of Kupang.

Booking Agents

Please be aware that our accredited booking agents around the world are well familiar with all travel options and can confirm the most convenient schedules for travel to Nemberala Beach Resort from Bali or your international departure gateway. International agents will also include meet/greet ground handling services in Bali and Kupang along with any transfers desired between airports, hotels, ferry terminals etc.

An unrivaled guest experience

Facilities & Amenities

In addition to the 8 large well-appointed guest rooms the resort offers a host of other facilities, amenities and equipment to boost the guest experience.

Lontar Spa

Named after a local palm that produces the rich syrup from which locals make both sugar and alcohol; the Lontar Spa provides the treatments necessary to rejuvenate mind and body. Only the finest quality oils and products are used in each type of treatment. Hygiene is top priority with fresh linens for every massage and sterilized tools for each manicure/pedicure.

Lontar treatment staff have been flown to Bali for training where after they worked in some of the best spa facilities on island.

  • 60 Min Restore Full Body Massage – Rp200,000
  • 30 Min Rejouvenate Exfoliation – Rp130,000
  • 60 Min Signature Facial w Biokos product – Rp170,000
  • 90 Min Jetlag Remedy – Rp260,000
  • 60 Min Classic Manicure/Pedicure with exfoliation – Rp140,000

Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

Restaurant seating may change depending on the makeup of each group from smaller 2-4 person tables, larger group tables or full size family dining for large groups and weddings. Dining chairs have arm supports and cushions so you are comfortable to sit as long as you wish.

The long bar is often the focal point given the spectacular views of the surf and sunsets. With 16+ seats across there is plenty of room for everybody. This is also a good place to get to know some of the local ex-pat community who often come over for a cocktail or smoothie around sunset. Bar stock includes icy cold beer, imported wine and a full supply of spirits served straight up or in specialty cocktails.

Just to the side and beachfront of the bar and dining area is a small lounge. Sofas with thick cushions are comfortable day or night or enjoy the sunset or stars from one of the round tables on the sky-view terrace.

Games Bungalow

Located in the back portion of the property adjacent to the sand volleyball court; the games room is often the venue for ruckus activity and houses our full size pool table, tournament ping-pong table and professional quality dart board. Beverages will be delivered to participants and spectators from the main bar. Over the years our staff have become quite good at volleyball and welcome the opportunity to play with or against guests.

Equipment House

The equipment side houses the surfboard rental quiver (over 30 boards), 8 bicycles, snorkeling gear, spearfishing gear, fishing equipment and small shop with other "odds-n-ends".

Office and Equipment Bungalow

The office and equipment bungalow is positioned just off the main entrance and circular driveway. Guests are welcome to visit the office at any time should they need assistance arranging activities or communication. Guests are checked in upon arrival and out upon departure. The long deck provides a nice shaded area with seating where guests congregate before loading into vehicles for excursions or departure.

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